Save Your Valuable Project Time offers common engineering document as standard or template for your particular project.
Get the document and save lot of manhour and reduce your engineering delay risk.

What Is


  • During plant project execution there are lot of documents to be prepared either by contractor and vendor
  • The documents are from design phase, testing, installation, until commissioning
  • Some plants which are common in design or some are standardized, they have common process flow, equipment list until common utilities equipment
  • The different can only be in size, flow rate, pressure, power requirement, etc.
  • Small scale to medium plant which are very repetitive in design due to standardized, process and equipment, and no need a complex customization.
  • we can do an engineering paperwork at ONCE and no need to do a repetitive calculation, preparing data sheet and specification, even plant construction drawing
  • This can save lot of manhour and time consumption.

The benefits

Get the full benefits from using our standaritation document

  • Save engineering manhour
  • Save project time execution
  • Save company resources
  • Low engineering design risk
  • High reliability and availability plant
  • Guaranteed a working plant
  • Proven plant design
  • Minimum conflicts of design data and easy traceability

Sample of Project Plan

See our sample project plan in simply video


Why us?

Exatra Enjinering has been dedicated professionally over 12 years of an extensive experiences in design engineering, procurement and construction in oil and gas industry, petrochemical, gas processing from onshore until offshore

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